Tips for Building a Professional Brand on Social Media

Tips for Building a Professional Brand on Social Media
Our professional brand is just as pertinent as our social identity in our personal lives. Social networking, such as your Facebook status updates or Instagram photos uploads, can be a relevant career tool for a networking professional. For individuals who are their business and whose brand is their identity, social media is an essential tool. Digital social platforms are wide-reaching, influential and a marketing outlet that entrepreneurs can't afford to ignore. For example, an independent-personal trainer who manages a Facebook page builds a digital brand that advocates health and wellness. Once clients become fans of the trainer's Facebook page, they are invested in the content and likely to share what they find meaningful and valuable.
A Facebook page can lead to the following:
  • Increased online exposure and credibility
  • Open dialogue with clients and customers
  • Free and sharable marketing and advertising
  • Engaged audiences through compelling content
  • Enhanced professional branding
  • Growing personal relationships and connections

Professionals & Public Figures

Networking professionals of various industries benefit by defining and promoting their brands on digital platforms, from marketing consultants and graphic design freelancers to health and wellness gurus and spiritual leaders.
"Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment" author and founder David "Yeah Dave" Romanelli has garnered a Facebook following of more than 4,000 fans. "Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment" fans Like his page to consume digital positive energies and happy reminders, which comprise his brand of restoring the present moment and living life to its fullest.
Fellowship Church leader Ed Young also establishes his brand of creative and spiritual leadership on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While visiting Pastor Young's Facebook page, fans can connect and find meaningful posts intended to help people understand their purpose and live simply.

Branding Tips

As you build your brand on social media platforms, the following tips can help it grow:
  • Design your page to reflect your personality and business goals. "Yeah Dave" uses a graphic promoting an upcoming event and Pastor Young uses an exuberant photo of his family as their cover photos.
  • Share expertise. Social-media platforms are just another space where you can share your expertise on a subject matter, which enhances your credibility and authority.
  • Create consistency. Your content, voice and activity should be consistent so that fans and followers can trust and rely on what you're providing.
  • Be creative and diverse. While still being true to your professional identity and branded image, try to mix up the types of content you share. Share stories, tweet thought-provoking information, upload engaging photos and graphics, and promote exciting events.
  • Interact with fans and followers. If someone posts a question about an event or comments on a post, be present and available. Do you best to participate in conversations and respond.
  • Build rapport and relationships with other professionals. Like the pages of other businesses. Follow other professionals on Twitter and share meaningful, relevant external content. By supporting other professionals, you're not only creating a community-oriented persona, you can also gain insight on your competition.
As you define and grow your digital social platforms, keep in mind that your goals are to "establish an online presence, develop brand awareness and most importantly, create lasting relationships," as encouraged by Tamyka Washington, owner of TheCEOMamma Marketing Consulting.