Book Review: The Inside Guide to Getting a Fortune 500 Interview

The Inside Guide to Getting a Fortune 500 Interview is a new book by Brandon Trew, and the subtitle pretty much sums up who this book is for and what you will learn from it: What Google, McKinsey and other Fortune 500 Companies look for in your personal story, resume and cover letter. I met Brandon on Google Plus and he graciously sent me a draft copy to review and comment on. It was a fun experience to work with an author that way, and in the end he produced a book that I can endorse without any reservations.

This short and digestible book is broken up into seven easy to follow chapters:

1. Introduction: Every job application should be very hard work
2. Finding your inner snowflake
3. Learn everything there is to know about your dream company and your dream role. Everything.
4. Craft your story into the perfect resume for each company and role
5. Create your Personal Pitch
6. Signal vs. Noise - Get your resume into the right hands
7. Conclusion: Confidence, clarity and desire

The chapter I paid the most attention to was chapter four on resume writing; no surprise right? Truth be told, I jumped to this chapter first, figuring if he he sold me here the rest of the book would be worth a read. Brandon did not disappoint. His approach to crafting the perfect resume meshes well with what I have been writing about here at Quality Resumes for the past three years. Some of the key pieces of advice he offers include the following. Each resume needs to be tailored to each specific application. You need to tell a story, not give a biography. Make sure it is scannable. My personal favorite piece of advice was his concept of HIRIP. These are High Impact Results In Punchy Bullet-points. It is a catchy way to encapsulate a solid resume truth. The shorter and more dynamic your resume is the better. And finally, the biggest overarching idea to take away from this chapter? It is hard work.

In fact the concept of hard work threads its way through the entire book, as well it should. Brandon stresses the idea that seeking out opportunities and applying for positions at the world's most prestigious companies is basically a job in itself.
Applying for a job is really really hard work. You will only succeed if you are willing to invest significant time researching your future company and role, significant time searching through your own thoughts and beliefs, and even more significant time fashioning all of this into a cohesive personal sales pitch that helps you stand out from the thousands of other applicants applying for the same position.
So if this book sounds interesting to you I would just provide a word of caution. This is not a fill-in-the-blank resume template book. This is a book that will push and challenge you to create a powerful sales pitch. After all, that is what applying for a job is really all about- selling yourself to potential employers.