How to Write a Real Estate Sales Agent Resume

All well structured resumes contain the same basic four sections: objective/branding statement, summary/profile, work history and education. What differentiates a real estate agent's resume from, say, a teacher's resume, is the key terms used.

Knowing ahead of time what the key terms are for your particular profession can help move your resume to the top of the pile and vastly improve your chances at landing an interview at a real estate agency. Below is a list of general key terms that you should strive to include in your resume, be it in the summary or within the work history.

Key Terms for a Real Estate Agent's Resume
  • represents your clients at the appraisal district
  • review and preparation of your files
  • negotiating skills
  • Lease and sell commercial medical office properties
  • Represent healthcare companies and physicians
  • Responsible for all aspects of deal generation to closing
  • Develop and implement marketing plans
  • takes responsibility for the success of each project
  • Develop and nurture relationships with health care professionals
  • Identify tenants for medical office portfolio
  • Identify and contact hospitals and medical practices
  • Market property by advertising vacancies
  • creates and distributes marketing materials
  • prepares and submits proposals
  • responds to inquiries
  • Show properties by setting appointments
  • provides property statistics and leasing information
  • highlights benefits
  • reviews contract requirements
  • negotiating skills
  • obtaining signatures deposits and payments
  • job knowledge of real estate trends and economic conditions.