Education Section of a Resume

This short article will help you determine where to list your education profile and what to include. 

The education section of a resume is one of the few sections that can effectively be used in a variety of locations on the resume. It all depends on your level of experience and the specific brand you are trying to create. Newspapers use the term above the fold to denote those stories that show up on the top of the front page. Your education is listed above the fold in one situation, but below the fold in the other.

If you are still in school, or are a recent graduate you'll want to locate your education section immediately below the objective/branding statement. The reason for this is two-fold. First, as an entry-level applicant you will not have an abundance of industry specific experience so the education detail effectively stands in for what is (unavoidably) lacking in your history. Second, recent grads will have taken up to date courses that older applicants may not be as well versed in. Emphasizing your education plays to your strengths.

For job seekers with a bit more experience under their belt the education section of a resume should be listed below the fold, normally as the final section under work history. Generally, experience trumps education and therefore you do not need to take up valuable resume real estate to detail it.

Here is what should be included in the education section of a resume:
  1. Name of the School
  2. Location
  3. Degree
  4. University
  5. Month and Year of Passing
  6. GPA (if above a 3.5)
  7. Honors
  8. Activities
Exactly how this is formatted depends largely on how the res of your resume looks.  Want to be sure your resume has the right educational profile for your target profession? Send it to me today and I'll evaluate your resume for free, no strings attached.