Career ADD

"The NUMBER ONE biggest mistake those of us with Career ADD make is having a lack of FOCUS on what we REALLY want in a job or career. When we are sitting in front of someone who has the potential to change our work lives and we are not able to articulate what we are really even looking for in a job, what kind of impression do you imagine that makes?" -Career ADD and the Job Search – Number One Mistake | CAREEREALISM:Does this sound like you? While I hope it doesn't, I think most of us can relate to this at some level. It may not be a full blown case of career ADD, but many of us feel a bit at a loss to describe exactly what we want in terms of our careers. Hopefully this conversation doesn't happen at an interview; ideally, it should happen much earlier, even before you write a resume and start looking for work.

This is why I like branding statements. This short sentence that sits atop your resume boils down who you are and what you are about in easy to understand language. While the main purpose is to allow a potential employer to be able to view you in a certain position, an added benefit is that the writing of the statement gives you an excuse to really spend some time thinking about your own talents and goals. Additionally, you can add your brand to all of your social media profiles to create a unified presentation of yourself.

Another added benefit of thinking long and hard about what you want from your career is that it will save you time in the long run. You won't waste time looking through or applying for positions that really are not a good match for you. Better to focus on jobs that will get you where you want to go than to create a career composed of regular job hops.

Do you have a branding statement? Feel free to email me what you have and I'll give you a free, no strings attached review. 

I seem to remember a pretty smart person once said that the most import thing was to "know thyself." Sounds like good advice to me.

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