Best Resume Writing of 2011

As 2011comes to a close it is time for one of the few time honored traditions of the "new media" or blogging: The Most Popular Articles of 2011.

 By far the article with the most views is my piece from last February, Skills to Put on a Resume. In fact it has more than double the hits of its closest competitor, so clearly it has a lot of Google love. Next in line is my article on the choices you have when formatting a resume, What is the Correct Format for a Resume?. This one has been steadily growing ever since I published it back in June. Third we have a related piece, What is The Difference Between a CV and a Resume.

Rounding out the top ten are the following essays:
4. The Best Resume Taglines
5. Latest Resume Styles: Good or Bad?
6. Great Tip For Resume Formatting
7. How to Write a Resume Branding Statement
8. How to Deal With being Over-Qualified
9. How Much Does a Resume Really Cost?
10. A Virtuous Resume