Job Search Reality Check

As an provider of an online service and and active blogger it is easy to fall into the trap of over emphasizing the benefits of the internet. Yes things like Twitter, LinkedIn and Face book are useful job search tools, but they do not replace the basics. Margo Rose over at #Hire Friday reminded me of that:
Remember the days when we used to actually go to a company and fill out an application? Remember the days when we picked up the phone and actually had to call people to follow up? Remember the days when we used to circle job ads in the newspaper? Now, all we have to do is click, click, click, and send our resume…right? WRONG! There’s a myth that exists, no maybe it’s a full blown urban legend. It goes a little something like this: “All I have to do is reply to submit my resume to job board ads for 6 hours a day, and that’s job hunting.” It’s not job hunting. That’s what I call typing.
Being reminded that nothing replaces good-old-fashion networking is never a bad thing. So while Istill recommend filling out all those online profiles, and staying current on the latest trends, don't forget to hit the pavement and make real live human connections as well.