Your Friendly Neighborhood Resume Writer

I always loved Spider-man growing up. His easy-to-relate-to alter ego, his amazing physical abilities and his regular guy sense of humor made him one of my all time favorite super heroes. It was great how after rescuing some damsel in distress and she tried to thank him he let go that famous catch phrase, "Just another service from your friendly neighborhood Spider-man."

Well, as much as I would love to be a modern day career boosting super hero, I can't give away resumes for free. [I have a family to feed after all.] However, I can do the next best thing and offer some free advice. If you spend any time looking around the site here at Quality Resumes you'll see a lot that could be helpful to new or experienced job seekers.

Need some beginner tips on how to write a resume? I have you covered. Had an interview, but just not sure how to write a post interview thank you letter? I can help you there too. Maybe you are beyond the beginner phase and you have questions around some of the bigger issues. Such as what is the difference between a cv and a resume. This is a popular question, and I'll answer it for you.

Spend some time looking around and I am sure you'll find something useful. And as if all the free advice wasn't enough, I will look at your resume and give you a professional 5-point review, free of charge. Just another service from your friendly neighborhood resume writer!