What to Look for in a Resume Service

Choosing to write a resume without the benefit of a professional resume service leads to additional stress at an already stressful time.

We all know the feeling. You have sat in front of your computer for the past hour looking through the various templates that Word provides for resumes. You hem and haw over which one looks the best, finally deciding on one. It isn't perfect, but it looks nice. As you start adding in some of your information you realize the template isn't really adjustable and you are stuck with someone else's version of a good resume.

As you continue frustration really sets in when you realize you are not sure exactly how to best word your experience and you don't know which skills will make the strongest impression. Then you remember reading somewhere that many companies use auto screeners that look for keywords and you begin to panic. You have no idea what those keywords are!

Rest easy. A quality resume service can help with all of this.

You wouldn't try to fix your own transmission without training and experience. In fact most of us wouldn't even entertain the thought. We'd go directly to a professional. Yet when it comes to resume writing- an activity that in the long run is much more important than a car- we choose to go it alone.

Here are three key reasons why you should let a professional resume writer help you.

1. A professional knows the style that will work best for you. Should you use a chronological resume or a skills-based one? What about those early work history gaps? I was self employed. How do I list that? A resume service provider has encountered all of these issues and more. He knows how to deal with them and make you look great while doing it.

2. Professionals keep up to date with the latest trends. This is important for two reasons. First, they know which trends are beneficial and need to be followed: keyword inclusions, personal branding, social media optimization. second, they know which trends are nothing more than fads and should be avoided: PowerPoint resumes, video resumes, graphics laden documents.
3. An experienced writer is, well, a good writer. Most people do not make a living through our writing ability. Yet because everyone is capable of putting together an intelligible sentence they assume they can write a resume. However, this just isn't  true. There is more to it than stringing together some sentences. Understanding voice, parallelism and cohesion, a professional writer will be able to put together a resume that flows and stands out.

If you are not sure whether or not you need a resume service, let me take a look at your resume. I offer a free 5-point, no-strings-attached evaluation. Just shoot me an email and I'll let you know what I think.