What the New Jobless Numbers Mean for Your Job Search

As of this post (8/14/11) the job situation seems to be improving. According to the Dept of labor jobless claims dropped in the week ending August 6 in addition to the fact that the U.S. labor economy added 118,000 jobs in the month, beating expectations. All of this final seems to be proof of the increasing strength in the job market.

So what does this mean for my job search, you wonder?

First, it may mean that companies will start hiring in earnest again- very good news. Second, if companies start hiring again, then many who have been sitting out the current job market may choose to get back into it. This means more competition for those openings. Making yourself standout is going to every bit as important in the hoped for recovery as it was during the long recession. 

So, how do you make yourself stand out? The regular advice will still apply. Create a quality resume. Get out and network. Monitor your social media. Go to conferences. However, there is an additional technique for the 21st century. Create a storyline for your job search tool box.

The importance of creating a storyline can not be underestimated.

You wouldn't read a book, watch a movie or invest time in a TV show if the storyline was lacking. Whether or not the consciously realize it, most employers want the same thing in the applicants. Think of all the venues your job search touches: cover letter, resume, thank-you letter, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Face Book, Flickr...the list can go on and on. each one of these should be tailored to reinforce the same story line about you.

Decide how you want to sell yourself to potential employers. Are you a client retention expert? Do you specialize in turning around inefficient companies?  Are you a team motivator? Decide what sets you apart and make that theme a focus of your profiles, posts and portfolio.

So get yourself ready for the (hopefully) coming job opportunities and start story telling.

Need help creating a story line? That is what I am here for!  Just shoot me an email and I'll get your started on the right track.