What Are the Most Hated Job Interview Questions?

This is one just about everyone has an opinion on. We have all been on interviews where we want to just slap the interviewer for asking that - whatever that happens to be for you. Over at BioSpace Leslie Drew has come up with her own list.

The 5 most Hated Job Interview Questions
1. What is your greatest weakness?
2. If I were to ask your friends or former co-workers to describe you, what would they say?
3. Do you work well under pressure?
4. Have you ever had a conflict with a boss or superior? How did you handle it?
5. Are you a team player?
She goes on to give some advice on how to handle each - and does so with a sense of humor too. I recommend you click through to the whole article. Once you have, stop by Twitter and let me know what your most hated interview question is and I'll write up a list for us here at Quality Resumes.