The Best Resume Taglines

resume taglines

Can you identify the companies associated with these taglines?*
  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
  • Kid tested; mother approved.
  • Play. Laugh. Grow.
* answers below, but no cheating!

Taglines used to be for catchy advertisements in the paper. The importance of your own personal tagline has grown over the past few years. Originally it was a quirky line to put under the header on your resume, not required, but something to get your main skill across. However, with the proliferation of social media this simple phrase can become a vital component of your personal brand.

When coming up with your own personal resume tagline, do your best to include two to three things that set you apart or define who you are professionally. Look again each famous tagline above and see how each one identifies at least two concepts related to the product. (Figured them out yet?)

My personal tagline is " Educator, Career and Personal Development Writer."  This accurately describes what I do since I am an English teacher, resume writer and a personal development blogger. In one short phrase people know what I am really all about.

Where To Put Your Tagline
The short answer is everywhere! Your Twitter profile, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn summary. All social media sites allow for a quick one liner for the purpose of identification. take advantage of this space to start marketing yourself.

Another excellent place to put your tagline is in your outgoing email. All email programs allow you to have an auto signature. List your name, contact info and tagline. Before you know it, people you regularly see both on and offline will begin to associate your tag line with you.

So, do you have a tagline yet? If you need some help deciding how to word one, feel free to shoot me an email . I'd love to help.

OK, here are the answers to the tagline quiz at the start of this post:
  • M & M's
  • Kix
  • Fischer-Price
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