Hoarders...at the Office?

Came across this story today on Twitter.
A new CareerBuilder survey suggests that many of us are hoarders, at least at the office. You might not have piles of garbage amassing in your living room, but do you have stacks of folders and documents covering your desk at work? If so, you could be unwittingly damaging your own career. When asked, 28 percent of employers admitted they are less likely to promote someone who has a disorganized or messy workspace.
Although not every employer views cubicle clutter as cause for concern, many do judge workers for a lack of tidiness. Thirty-eight percent of employers say piles of paper covering a desk negatively impact their perceptions of that worker. Another 27 percent view these workers are disorganized. Still, 16 percent simply consider these workers messy.
 Interesting. Makes you look at your desk-top clutter a little different, that is for sure. Luckily - well, my family may disagree - I am a neat freak. So, I am not too worried for myself. However, I do think that there could be some merit in this. How we take care of our space is a window into how we take care of our work.

And it is not just messy desks that are a problem.

Our fitness level, clothing choices and personal hygiene all factor into how others see you, including our supervisors. Am I saying you need to be Mr. America with a GQ wardrobe and breath that smells like roses after a summer storm. No, of course not. But I am saying that a little attention to appearances  lets people know you care.

Your boss will then assume this care transfers into your work as well. And if not, at least you'll look good!