Community and Career Development

Community is important. Whether it is your colleagues, neighbors, civic group or family, we all need other people. This concept is especially important for job searchers and everyday career development. Staying connected to people within your field helps to build contacts that can be helpful now or in the future. besides, it just plain old nice to be in contact with people who know and share your interests, values and dreams.

In this vein I  have been doing a bit of guest posting at other career advice sites lately. The experience and response I have gotten has been extremely positive and it is something I will continue to do in the future. If you interested here are two of the latest guest posts.

1. Writing Powerful Executive Resume Summaries

Finding executive-level employment in a difficult economy can be incredibly challenging, yet at the same time, with the endless executive and management level possibilities out there, it can also be viewed as a great adventure. It all depends on how well-equipped a job hunter is. The first tool the prospective job hunter needs in his toolbox is of course an executive resume....for the rest visit Simply Hired.

2. Resume Writing for Baby Boomers

It is becoming more and more common in the current job market for the person in charge of hiring to be considerably younger than many of the job applicants. Does this sound familiar to you? Then you could be one of the thousands of baby boomers out there looking for work in an extremely competitive environment. Don’t let your resume suggest that you are past your prime. Many of the old rules about resume writing have changed and keeping up to date can keep you in the game...for the rest check out Bail Out My Career.