Latest Resume Styles: Good or Bad?

I'll cut to the chase here: unless requested, do not use the latest tech fad or trend when writing your resume. Now that that is clear let me explain what the 2 latest resume styles are and why they are not a good idea.

One trend that is getting increasing ink is the PowerPoint resume. PowerPoint is the ubiquitous software that allows you to make slide shows that can be save online at places like or YouTube. while presentations are great, relying on this for your resume could backfire in any number of ways.

First, it requires the technology to perform flawlessly. Anyone who has worked in corporate America knows that tech can go down without any warning. You don't want the success or failure of your interview to be relying on a server you have no control over.

Second, a PowerPoint presentation can come off as professorial- the exact opposite if what you should be aiming for in an interview. Getting hired is about building relationships. You need to connect with the interview committee, not be stand offish.

Personal Website
Another trend I have noticed is the creation of a personal website that showcases your professional talents. I have to admit this can be a very beneficial approach to use in addition to a resume. Some important caveats: the success or failure of this approach is largely dependent on your skill building websites. It is time to be honest with ourselves, most of us are not brilliant web designers. Unless you are willing to pay someone to set up your site for you this probably is not the best idea for you.

Latest Resume Styles: Traditional Style
Tradition is traditional for a reason: it works. So stick with the basics when writing a resume. Resumes need to be easily readable. An easy-to-scan format will go a long way towards getting a resume through the screening committee. Stick with simple and easy to read. You should have four standard sections: Objective, Summary, Work History and Education. There should be enough information in the resume to sell the applicant, but no more. The general length is one page.

That is it. Traditional still wins the day.