Job Advice Ripped From The Headlines: Don't be a Weiner!

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone deals with them as effectively as they could. Anthony Weiner is a prime example, and just the latest in a practical parade of misbehavior from people in the public eye. But a mistake on the job doesn't have to lead to disaster if you follow these five basic rules:

  1. Fess up fast: Do not let the problem simmer. Deal with it right away. Weiner, didn't, and it just got worse.
  2. Own it and fix it: Do what your mom always said to do. You made the mess, now clean it up.
  3. Take responsibility: Once you've dealt with the problem have a sit down with your boss. Explain why and how it happened and more importantly what you have learned to prevent it from happening again.
  4. Move on: At this point it is over. There is no sense crying over spilled milk once it has been cleaned up.