Free Resume Help....

...yes, Free! 

I know that normally when you see the word free online it generally means a sales pitch is not far behind. This is after all a resume writing service website, so I must be pushing a new service or a discount package of some kind, right? Well, to be blunt, no. 

Yes, of course this is a business and I need to make money to stay afloat, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to be genuinely helpful as well. So I am writing this post to invite anyone out there who simply has a question, or needs some advice, to drop us a message. We're giving out free advice, no questions asked, no strings attached.

In fact, I am not even requiring you to submit your email address to get your free advice. Normally we do not allow comments on our posts here, but for a limited time I'll be turning comments on to allow people to ask anonymously. I know that is not how you are supposed to run a business. I know I am supposed to be building a contact list so I can sell you something later. However, I would rather operate from a position of plenty. Freely give, freely receive. Why make people sign up for a list before answering their questions? Some people would resent that or simply not participate. That is not what we're about here.

While if you do end up needing a service I certainly hope you keep us in mind, that is just not the main point here today. If you never end up needing a resume writing service, then that's great. I honestly wish you the best on your career journey.

Thanks for stopping by,