Conflicting Job Search Advice for Boomers?

The NB Business Journal seems to suggest that mature job hunters spend their time chasing offline contacts but also develop online identities: - Mature workers can advance job search with these quick tips - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada: "- Mature workers have had more years to build networks of past employers, colleagues, and professional contacts. Cultivating these relationships is time better spent than searching online. Also, mature workers have much-needed experience and skills to offer volunteer groups, which may lead to a job. Serving on the board of directors of nonprofit groups can introduce mature workers to a higher level of networking contacts.

- Mature workers need to be versatile in building social media profiles, developing connections, joining groups and participating in discussions."

Contradictory advice? Not really. While its true that older job searchers have a more impressive Rolodex, it is still vital to create an online identity.