10 Job Hunting Mistakes

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the advice out there in regards to finding a new job? It can be stressful  but sometimes a little advice can go a long way. Here are 5 tips on job hunting and how not to get stuck making some of the more common mistakes.  

1. Playing the generalist card
Design your job search around specific industries and functions: specialize!
2. Bloated resumes
Employers scan resumes in seconds. Remove extraneous words and phrases to bring your experiences and accomplishments to the forefront.
3. Missing your target
Focus on your target. Know the job you're seeking, what companies are looking for, and how you can present your experience to win people's attention.
4. Hibernating online
Get out and connect with your network and other people you encounter along the way. Share your 15-second "elevator pitch" with everyone, whether you're at a major networking event or a checkout lane at the supermarket.
5. Misguided networking efforts
The first commandment for networkers is: Thou shalt not ask for a job while networking. The sole purpose of networking is to seek advice and information.