Top 10 Creative Job Search Secrets

Sometimes it pays to get creative, especially when the old tried and true tactics are not working so well. If you are like a lot of people nowadays, finding a new job or career is proving to be a challenging task. Let some new and creative technology help you out.

It used to be where you could hand out a few business cards, mail out a handful of resumes and the offers would come. Those days are no longer. You now need to use any and every tool available to you in your job hunt.

Here are three that should be in your arsenal: Google Alters, KnowEm, and Canvassing. If any of these are unfamiliar to you you'll definitely want to check them out for some useful information.

Remember, the information age has made things harder for job seekers because competition for positions has increased dramatically. However, it is also true that there are a multitude of new ways to network and search for careers, also thanks to the Internet.