2011 Government Agency Budget Requests Could Provide Job Leads

 As the federal government tries to piece together its monetary needs for 2011, it submits to congress lengthy budget requests. While it may be dry and at times difficult reading, if you are in the market for a federal job the budget requests could be a gold mine in terms of leads. In each budget submitted to Congress, you get to see what an agency needs, as well any additional hiring requests it projects to need.

One example: The Department of Homeland Security requested $85 million to hire additional personnel for explosion detection canine teams as well as behavior detection officers for airport screening airline. The DHS also wants to recruit and hire up to 1,000 cyber-security professionals over the next three years.

If cyber security is your game this could be a solid lead. You can find the budget requests on each agency's website.  Then you can peruse  USAJobs, the government's job site.

Happy hunting!
Hat tip Jackie Headapohl