Give Your Career a Christmas Present

Over at they have a list of Ten  Holiday Gifts to Give Your Career. Here are the top three:
  1. Restaurant gift card. I’ve written before about the power of networking over meals. If you have a crazy schedule and can’t do full-out lunches, get a Starbucks card so you can at least grab coffee with colleagues and friends.
  2. Clothing store gift card. You need a professional wardrobe whether it’s from a specialty store like Ann Taylor or a general department store like Nordstrom. 80% of communication is non-verbal, and appearance is a significant part of this.
  3. Professional association membership. This is an investment in your networking as you deepen professional ties and meet new people. This is also an investment in your training as you stay abreast of the latest industry news and innovations.
Of course you could also give your resume a checkup and make sure it is fit and ready to perform.