How to Write a Quality Resume Summary

All resumes need to include four main sections: branding statement, summary, history and education. The summary allows potential employers to get a snapshot of your skills and abilities. Luckily, with a little planning anyone can write a quality summary- just follow these steps.

The first thing you should do is come up with a brief list of job-specific skills you have. Think of top ten lists; what ten skills should a sales manager have? 1.Motivational Skills 2.Communication Skills 3.Accounting Skills etc.

Next, look over the job description or job posting. Often there will be some key competencies they are looking for in a potential hire. If they are looking for someone who will also be able to produce quality sales copy, then including something about your writing skills in your summary will be beneficial.
Now you need to boil this information down to a series of bullet points. Something like:
*Proven Program Director
*Top Account Manager
*Articulate Communicator
*Posses Coaching & Mentoring Experience
*Skilled in Strategic Service Planning
*Proven ability with Analytical Analysis
*Budget & Cost Control

This is of course just a partial list. Your full summary should have 12-15 points. Finally, make sure to proofread more than once. It is easy to make a simple mistake and it could cost you an interview. After you have proofread it have someone else with fresh eyes give it a look.