How to Write a Quality Cover Letter

Quality Cover Letters are the first thing an employer will see upon opening your portfolio so considerable attention should be spent on creating a quality one. Your cover letter tells an employer a lot about you. It is a personal sales pitch. You need to show why you are a perfect match for the position. It is not the place to present all of your experience, that should already be in your resume. Simply highlight one or two of your skills or accomplishments that show that you are the right person for the job.

You need to be sure that your cover letter follows standard letter format. With the proliferation of templates (Microsoft Word has great ones) this should be the easiest step. Find a business letter template and follow it.

Next, be sure your lead introduces you and is a direct statement of purpose. Tell them what job you are applying for and tell them you want it. Be very direct and write clearly and concisely. Don’t make the reader guess why you’re writing or how your skills match the position.

Now you need to make your pitch. What skills do you have that will benefit this company or organization? List three or four bullet pointed highlights. Don't just rewrite what is already on your resume. Try to tailor your experience to the companies needs in order to make you cover letter stand out.

Finally, thank the reader for his time and state that you look forward to meeting them to discuss the position in person. Be forceful without being pushy.