Don't Sweat a Job Interview: 7 Easy Questions to Ask

Everyone knows they need to prepare for a job interview. Resume and portfolio ready? Check. New suit? Check. Interview Answers rehearsed? Check. Cell phone off? Check. Prepared questions to ask? Wait, I need to ask questions? I thought I was just answering them? 

You spent hours working with a professional creating the perfect resume. You researched prospective companies and mailed out your cover letters and resumes. Then came the moment you had been anticipating- the phone call from a prospective employer requesting and interview. Now what?

If you have not really spent much time preparing your own questions, don't feel too bad. this is one of the most common mistakes a rookie interviewee makes (not to mention a few more veteran applicants truth be told). But rest assured, help is here. Not only is this a fairly easy task, it will help make the interview run much smoother as well.

By having a few questions of your own you will be able to avoid any awkward points during the interview process. Just quickly ask one of you prepared questions and you'll have a few minutes to catch your breath and mentally prepare for your next answer.

While each position will obviously have its own unique set of likely questions there are a few basics that will work in just about any situation. Below are 7 to get you started.

1. What exactly would my day-to-day responsibilities be?
2. What are the opportunities for training and career advancement?
3. What is the biggest challenge facing the organization today?
4. When did you join?
5. What are the criteria that you are looking for in the successful candidate for this position?
6. How do you feel that I measure up to your requirements for this position?

Want some more help with the interview process? I also have a 13-page guide to interview that I give away free to subscribers.